Meet the team

Rapid Media Marketing is a leader in mobile marketing. Our consultants leverage the Rapid Media Rapid Media Marketing mobile site builder, SMS/text messaging platform and mobile apps creator along with our local niche designs when structuring a complete mobile solution for their local business clients. Futhermore, Rapid Media Marketing. delivers results for local businesses by transforming their client acquisition and retention strategies through the implementation of mobile into their marketing strategy. MobileConsultants Inc. continually invests in our tools and our team to ensure that our technology and training are cutting edge and that we remain as the leading mobile marketing company in today’s competitive market.

Andre DeLano Founder

Andre DeLano


As well as being the Founder, Andre' is also the creative force behind creating customers. When you meet John, you will be excited that him and his team will create the product of your dreams.

Eva Summers Designer

Eva Summers


Eva joined us last year and has made incredible designs for our clients. The only problem is that ALL of her designs are awesome, you may have a problem deciding which one.

Josh Marks Quality Assurance

Josh Marks

Quality Assurance

Josh makes sure that EVERYTHING that goes out the door is accurate and functioning correctly. He will make your project delivery glitch-free and working as agreed upon. You are in good hands with Josh and the QA staff.